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Taxation is a significant part of the finances and operations of any enterprise. Taxation is an important and current topic in today’s business world. It is also a constantly changing field, which is why businesses should have an expert at hand to advise them on how to manage their taxes to optimum effect. Careful planning helps anticipate and avoid tax risks.

We provide tax planning services for enterprises and their owners. Tax expertise is important both for day-to-day business and for major turning points in a company’s operations. Tax issues should be considered in advance of any major changes.

Our tax services are itemised on the left. Click on a heading to find further information and examples of the tax services we provide. Every assignment is performed flexibly, according to the customer’s needs.

For tax services, contact Kare Kotiranta, Partner, Authorised Public Accountant (KHT)

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Kare Kotiranta
KHT, veroasiantuntija, Partner
Puh. +358 40 5322 072 
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Corporate taxation

We offer customers a comprehensive range of tax services customised to their needs.

Common services include requesting preliminary rulings from the Tax Administration, filing claims for a revised decision, assisting in a tax audit, filing tax loss applications for an exemption for losses and general consultations on issues that are confusing for customers, generally regarding income tax or value added tax. We also offer services for individual taxation (e.g. tax planning for distribution of assets from the entrepreneur’s perspective, inheritance taxation and gift taxation).

In case of tax issues, it is advisable to consult an expert as early as possible to ensure the best outcome.

Value added tax

Value added tax involves a variety of aspects that may be challenging for a business. It is vital to be aware of the proper procedures for VAT. We explore the challenges in VAT with our customers to identify the particular problem points in the customer’s operations. We help them find the right procedures and ensure that they can stay safe going forward.

Targeted accounting audits

We perform targeted accounting audits for VAT. The purpose of this is to survey the customer’s business and how VAT is handled in the bookkeeping. This ensures that the accounts are correct as far as VAT is concerned. Such audits are particularly useful in sectors with exceptional VAT procedures. An example is the construction industry, which has a VAT reverse-charge system. VAT is also often an issue for enterprises that operate internationally.

Individual taxation

We assist private individuals with tax issues. There are many areas requiring specialist knowledge in individual taxation, such as capital gains, securities trading and individual deductions. We provide services such as pre-inspecting your income tax returns.

We also assist with appeals in respect of individual income taxation.

Corporate rearrangements

The purpose of corporate rearrangements (merger, demerger, share exchange, transfer of business or sale of shares or business operations) is to reorganise a company or its business operations in such a way as to optimise its operations or its tax burden. Corporate rearrangements are often undertaken in preparation for a generational transfer or as an incentive for key personnel. We help customers understand the big picture, chart the alternatives available and explore aspects of taxation while avoiding pitfalls.

Generational transfers

When a company changes hands, it is vital to plan ahead and to understand the big picture as regards the company itself, its shareholders and those taking over its operations. Applying generational transfer tax relief and preparing for change of ownership can result in significant savings on the company’s tax bill.
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