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Corporate rearrangements

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Assignments involving corporate rearrangements generally have to do with companies undergoing significant changes. In such situations, both financial and legal expertise is usually required.

Nexia has a corporate rearrangements team whose members have years of experience in various relevant areas. ‘Corporate rearrangements’ is a blanket term that may subsume valuations, due diligence investigations, generational transfers, mergers, demergers and corporate acquisitions. Click on the headings on the left to read more.

For corporate rearrangements services, contact Christer Antson, Partner, Authorised Public Accountant (KHT).

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Christer Antson
KHT, toimitusjohtaja, Partner
Puh. +358 400 604 928 
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Corporate acquisitions

As part of the Nexia International corporate rearrangements group, we have access to local contacts around Europe and, if necessary, around the world.


Valuation is often required in corporate acquisitions or generational transfers. Valuation is needed when considering selling or acquiring a business. Valuation may also be relevant in a variety of other types of corporate rearrangement. A valuations can be conducted in various ways, depending on its purpose and on the operating environment of the enterprise.

We use commonly accepted valuation methods for our valuations. Our experts select calculation methods on a case-by-case basis, so as to gain the most accurate result for the value of the enterprise.

We perform numerous company valuations each year in the context of corporate rearrangements such as share exchanges, redeeming shares, acquiring own shares and selling off a business, in Finland and abroad.


The purpose of corporate rearrangements (merger, demerger, share exchange, transfer of business or sale of shares or business operations) is to reorganise a company or its business operations in such a way as to optimise its operations or its tax burden. Corporate rearrangements are often undertaken in preparation for a generational transfer or as an incentive for key personnel. We help customers understand the big picture, chart the alternatives available and explore aspects of taxation while avoiding pitfalls.

Generational transfers

When a company changes hands, it is vital to plan ahead and to understand the big picture as regards the company itself, its shareholders and those taking over its operations. Applying generational transfer tax relief and preparing for change of ownership can result in significant savings on the company’s tax bill.
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